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Worry gnawed at Vera’s mind, tripping her thoughts, and threatening to cloud her judgement. The trip from the hospital to her small flat seemed to take an eternity, as she sat in the passenger seat of her husband’s car.

An operation? She still couldn’t quite come to terms with it in her head. A nervous flutter began to grip her before innate stoicism interjected. No fear. No distress. Vera’s husband had enough on his plate, without having to deal with her concerns.

Vera clenched her hand into a fist, and steeled herself. She was going to go through with this, and would not let a storm of emotion dissuade her. A life of challenges and disappointments had hardened her; perhaps more than she would have liked. As much as the worry was present, it seemed much easier to be brave than it used to be. But at what cost?

She knew that no matter what she was going through, her husband would never really get it. How could he understand? The clash of emotion proved a heady cocktail and Vera swallowed, suppressing her tears. It had been ten years since she had been diagnosed, and now a possible end to that battle was in sight.

The surgeon had calmed her fears, and talked her through the procedure. He was a kind man, with a warm but professional demeanour. Vera had walked into his office with her usual brisk stride, and looked him in the eye as they shook hands. His smile and manner put her at ease.

She found herself speaking in her usual matter-of-fact way about being cut open, and it honestly shocked her. Vera had expected to be a mess, yet found herself face-to-face with her own inner strength. It was clad in rusty iron armour, but it was there…and it held.

Author: Iain Peter Morrison
Copyright: Iain Peter Morrison


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